The other side of tourism development in Baja California Sur
In the most isolated and least populated state in Mexico,
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    • In the most isolated and least populated state in Mexico, and the one with the most expansive coastline, tourism offers itself as a two-headed coin: on one side it can generate wealth for the local communities and on the other it can endanger the cultural and environmental richness which enables the tourism to thrive in the first place. What is the future of tourism in Baja California Sur? Will it be left to chance? Which way will the coin fall?

      In 2000, the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (FONATUR) projected that the Gulf of California region would be the largest Mexican residential-tourism destination offering marinas and golf courses. Only 6 years later, Baja California Sur became the second Mexican state with the fastest growth in tourism and real estate. In the process, it has also become one of the most telling examples of the impacts this sector can have when there is lack of regulation and planning.

      Through a journey along the coasts of Baja California Sur, from Cabo San Lucas to La Paz, different villagers share their concerns, their visions of the future, and their proposals for development that is inclusive and prosperous for all.

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